Hunger Is Real

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In Macon County, NC, at least one in eight people live at or below the poverty level, as defined by the Federal Government. Many more are self-sufficient so long as no emergency crisis arises. However, the loss of a job, injury, or sickness can suddenly throw an individual or a family into a crisis situation. CareNet strives to provide immediate help to those facing crisis situations, most of which are referred to us by local churches and agencies.  The “client” is interviewed and screened in order to qualify them for assistance.  Most of our clients fall into one of four groups:

  1. The Working Poor – many people who are employed full-time still have an annual income well below the poverty level.
  2. The Permanently Dependent – some cannot enter the work force because of age, disability, or illness.
  3. Children and Youth – many of the children in Macon County live in poverty.
  4. The Potentially Unemployable – those who have been laid off, have not developed required job skills, or have been unable to find work.

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